Dental Implants: Are there age requirements?

Dental implants are a popular treatment option when it comes to tooth restoration, and offer a number of benefits over other methods of reconstructive surgery, such as dentures and fixed bridge treatments.

Dental implant treatment involves an implant dentist placing a small titanium rod directly into the patient’s gum tissue and this rod then fuses with the patient’s jaw bone to provide strength and support to the implant. The rod itself acts much like an actual tooth root by providing stimulus and helping to preserve the integrity and mass of the jawbone tissue.

The implant dentist then finishes the treatment by placing a porcelain crown on top of the titanium rod to provide a permanent replacement tooth for the one that was previously lost.

The procedure for dental implants is generally safe, but there are some factors a dentist has to consider before a patient with missing teeth can be considered a suitable candidate. For dental implant treatment to take place, the dentist must be satisfied that the patient is in a good state of general health as some conditions, such as diabetes can carry a medical risk, and can compromise the chances of success of dental implants.

The state of the patient’s mouth must also be taken into consideration. The remaining teeth and gums should be in a stable, secure condition and there should be sufficient gum tissue and jawbone mass available for implant treatment to take place. Oral conditions such as gum disease, or broken or chipped teeth should be treated ahead of any implant treatment.

The age of the patient should also be considered. Although there is no set rule about how old a patient should be to have dental implant treatment, most dentists will be reluctant to deliver treatment to young or teenage children. This is because during pre-and-teenage years, children’s jawbones are still under development and the location of teeth, including dental implants, may alter slightly during these formative years.

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