Enjoy Your Favorite Foods with Dental Implants

Living without teeth can take a toll on your quality of life and your oral health. Fortunately, today’s modern tooth replacement methods promote optimal oral function. Implant dentistry has changed the way that our periodontist approaches tooth loss because dental implants replicate the root structures of biological teeth. Replacing the roots of teeth makes it possible for patients to enjoy well-rounded diets comfortably.

What Dental Implants Are and How They Work

Dental implants are small, screw-like prosthetics used to replace the roots of missing teeth. They are embedded into the jawbone and will ultimately serve as pillars for dental crowns or bridges. If a full arch of teeth requires replacement, a series of dental implants can be used to hold a denture.

Implants are biocompatible with the jawbone because they are made from titanium. The body will not reject dental implants; instead, bone will integrate to them. In addition to biocompatibility, titanium is very durable. Many patients enjoy their dental implants for the rest of their lives.

Benefits of Implant Dentistry

One important advantage to implant dentistry is the fact that dental implants assist with smooth and comfortable oral function. Patients with stabilized implants can eat a variety of foods – including items like steak or apples that are normally difficult to enjoy with conventional prosthetics.

On top of restored oral function, dental implants support the oral health system. Bone loss commonly accompanies tooth loss. This is due to a lack of stimulation in the jaw since the roots of teeth are missing. When implants replace the roots of teeth, they keep the bone active and stimulated. With implants, patients can retain more bone mass in their jaws than those with unsupported bridges and dentures.

Dental implants and their attached restorations/prosthetics also help secure adjacent biological teeth by keeping them upright. Without replacement teeth, existing teeth can migrate into empty tooth sockets.

Implant dentistry provides a more lifelike alternative to conventional tooth replacement. If you have suffered from tooth loss, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our team at Park Cities Periodontics and Implant Dentistry to find out if dental implants meet your needs.

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