Gum Disease: Am I Still a Candidate for Dental Implants?

dental surgery DallasPeriodontal (gum) disease can be a threat to the stability and longevity of a dental implant. Since gum disease, especially advanced cases, affects bone health, this condition can directly threaten the success rate of a dental implant. Fortunately, there are treatments available such as dental surgery to manage periodontal disease and help increase the success rate of a dental implant. Our periodontist offers a few different treatments to help improve oral health and combat periodontal disease.

How does gum disease affect a dental implant?

The main reason that periodontal disease is a threat to successful implant dentistry is the fact that advanced gum disease destroys gingival tissue and bone mass. For an implant to properly stabilize in the jaw there needs to be enough bone mass to fuse to the implant. If a patient lacks the proper amount of bone, the implant can fail.

How can periodontal therapy help me?

By visiting a dentist who specializes in treating disease that affects the gums, you have access to treatment and dental surgery that specifically addresses all forms of gum disease. Our team provides treatments such as deep prophylaxis, gum grafts, and gum surgery that help remove diseased and infected tissue.

Treatment for periodontal disease for patients considering dental implants can vary. Some folks see improvement with deep cleanings and a commitment to proper oral hygiene while others may require more extensive treatment to control the disease. Based on a patient’s unique needs, our team will develop a custom treatment plan that helps improve oral health and the possibility of replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant.

If I have gum disease and tooth loss, what steps should I take to improve my oral health?

In addition to brushing and flossing thoroughly, we recommend that patients with gum disease and tooth loss visit our practice for a consultation. After an examination, we can determine the extent of a patient’s periodontal disease and develop a combination of treatments to improve oral health.

To reserve an appointment with our periodontist, call our friendly team at Park Cities Periodontics & Implant Dentistry today.

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