How Laser Tools Address Periodontal Issues

happy patient laser periodontal care conceptManaging periodontal disease effectively protects against general health complications as well as tooth loss. For some patients, the right care will include work that removes unhealthy tissues along with bacteria in order to encourage the growth of disease-free gums. Park Cities Periodontics And Implant Dentistry can provide this service while using advanced laser tools. The PerioLase tool is used for this Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP). In using this approach, we make work on your tissues more conservative. In addition to limiting bleeding and better protecting healthy tissues, this approach provides a shorter and easier experience with recovery after treatment. This service is just one of several approaches we can take to help patients struggling with more advanced gum problems. Remember that the longer you wait to pursue this kind of care, the more likely you are to experience complications.

Periodontal Problems Can Require Detailed Care

The right approach to periodontal treatment is important. Without the right support, your infection can take a serious toll on your appearance and well-being. Over time, tissue recession, sensitivity, and attachment loss can affect you because of your gum disease. The destruction of tissues is what leads to tooth loss—you may not realize it, but gum disease is the most common reason why adults lose teeth! Another concern is that unchecked infection will lead to health problems elsewhere. This is because the bacteria on the roots of your teeth can enter the bloodstream and move to other areas of the body, which creates new threats.

Using Laser Technology To More Carefully Address Gum Disease

The use of laser technology to tend to the site of your gum disease can provide important protection while making your treatment more comfortable. As an alternative to manual tools, lasers provide more precision and limit tissue damage. Because of this, the work of removing infected gums is more conservative. Not only is the need for sutures removed, this approach can make your recovery time shorter and easier.

Creating A Successful Strategy For Managing Periodontal Health

There are different strategies that we can recommend when our patients have issues with their gums. In some cases, we can provide protection through scaling and root planing. This is a service that will remove bacteria that reside on the roots of teeth to stop an infection from worsening. More advanced forms of treatment, like laser periodontal care, are available for more advanced conditions. Our practice provides dental implant placement, so we can help with the process of restoring your smile as well as with the treatment of an active infection.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Practice About Laser Periodontal Therapy

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