Tongue Tied? We Can Help

Do you know the name of the muscular attachment that connects your tongue to the floor of the mouth? This tissue is known as the frenum, and for many people it could be a source of speech issues and other serious concerns. To correct these issues and improve your ability to speak easier and fight gum recession, Park Cities Periodontics And Implant Dentistry could offer treatment with a frenectomy, a gentle, laser-assisted procedure that can bring relief.

Frenum Complications

The frenum connects the lips to the gums and also connect the tongue to the floor of your mouth. Problems can occur when a person has a thick, tight frenum, also known as a restrictive frenum. For some, this could lead to speed impediments that impact how you communicate. Receding gums caused by restrictive tissues could cause oral health problems, leaving vulnerable areas of teeth exposed to harmful bacteria. The risk of tooth decay and infection could increase as a result.

The tissues could also cause spaces between your teeth to develop, spaces that cannot be corrected with braces or aligners alone. They could also impact how dentures or oral appliances fit. Fortunately, we can solve these concerns with a simple, in-office procedure. A frenectomy can alter the frenum to ease tension and stress on surrounding tissues, and correct these common complications.

The Frenectomy

To begin, our team will conduct a thorough examination to assess the problem and also to plan the treatment with precision and accuracy. When you’re ready for treatment, we will bring you to our modern and comfortable surgical suites. We can offer care for kids and adults alike. The area being treated will be numbed with a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. We then ease tension by relieving the restrictive tissues. This could be done with surgical instruments, or a soft-tissue laser. There is little bleeding or selling, and patients don’t usually need any sutures or surgical dressings. The healing period only takes a short period, and many can return to normal activities after only a few days. The results will be immediately noticeable!

If you or a member of your family suffers from complications due to a restrictive frenum, then please contact our team today. We can offer a consultation to see if a frenectomy can offer relief. If you have any questions about this procedure, then please feel free to reach out today.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Practice About Treatment Options

If you would like to learn more about frenectomy and its benefits, call Park Cities Periodontics And Implant Dentistry in Dallas, TX at (214) 522-9700. Our team can help you find relief to your impeded speech and other related complications.


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