Understanding Dental Anxiety

In your relationship with your periodontist, open communication and mutual respect can completely transform your dental experience. Whether you are in need of a periodontal examination or a surgical procedure, a successful outcome is partly dependent upon clinical excellence, and a portion depends on our understanding of your comfort level. When you feel comfortable and relaxed, you tend to respond more favorably to your treatment, and the dental team is able to function with a greater sense of confidence.

With sedation dentistry, a variety of methods can be employed to help you feel as comfortable as possible during each dental visit. Although local anesthesia (such as Novocain) is the primary means of numbing the hard and soft tissues for most procedures, there are additional sedative solutions to reduce your apprehension and anxiety regarding the given procedure.

Oral Sedation refers to medications that are taken by mouth prior to control anxiety and to promote relaxation. Once you are under the influence of these medications, you will need a responsible driver to see that you arrive to your appointment and back home safely.

Inhalation Sedation, such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a safe alternative for both adults as well as children. This method may be used alone or in combination with other sedatives when necessary.

Intravenous Sedation (also known as conscious sedation) provides a deeper level of relaxation and must be administered by a licensed professional who has been extensively trained in anesthesiology. If IV sedation is recommended for you, you will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult driver during your visit.

Your periodontist has received special training in sedation techniques in order to better serve fearful patients. It is understandable that you would want to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible during treatment, and most patients find that sedation is simple, powerful, and safe.

If fear has restricted you from receiving recommended dental care in the past, you’ll be happy to know that sedation dentistry can assist you in moving forward.  For a fresh beginning in a soothing atmosphere, call Park Cities Periodontics and Implant Dentistry today for an appointment to learn more.

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