A Frenectomy Could Help Speech Issues

The muscle that connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth and attaches your lips to your gums is known as the frenum, and when one is restrictive, this can lead to serious issues with your daily life. A restrictive frenum is connected to receding gums, poorly fitting dentures, and more. At your Dallas, TX dental practice, we can prevent these complications with a frenectomy.

The Purpose of Your Frenum

The frenum is the thin bit of muscle beneath your tongue that connects it to the floor of your mouth. This also connects your lips to the gums too. But if the tissue is too thick or tight, this can lead to a host of problems with your smile, from impacting speech to issues with your oral health.

Possible Complications

You could have issues speaking clearly due to a restrictive frenum, and the stress of this situation could also cause receding gums, pulling tissues away from the teeth to cause recession and an increased risk of tooth decay, infection, and even gum disease. This could also create a large gap between the front teeth that cannot be addressed with braces alone, instead requiring a procedure to relieve tension and allow the gap to close. For older patients or those with advanced tooth loss, this could also impact how well a denture can fit, limiting your tooth replacement options unless addressed beforehand. If one or more of these potential issues sounds familiar, then please reach out to our team for an examination and to see if you need a frenectomy.


The procedure can be completed in one visit and is helpful for kids and adults alike. The procedure can be done in-office inside our surgical suites. Our team will numb the frenum and surrounding tissues so you’re comfortable, and we can discuss sedation options to help you enter a calm and relaxed state too. Our team will then use a soft tissue laser to remove and reshape tissues to relieve the tension of your frenum. There is usually no need for sutures or surgical dressings, so the area can heal in just a couple of days in mts cases. The esthetic results are instantly visible too.

If you have any questions about helping you or a member of your family with a frenectomy, then please reach out to our team to learn more. Everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful smile, and we’re ready to help.

Speak With Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Our Frenectomy Procedure

Our team wants to help address the complications with your oral health so you can enjoy clear speech and better oral health! To learn more about our surgical treatment options, call Park Cities Periodontics And Implant Dentistry in Dallas, TX at (214)522-9700!

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