Quite often, children experience many of the same periodontal problems as adults. Fortunately, Dr. Tomlin has the experience to work well with our young patients and their families to deliver first class, age-appropriate periodontal care.

Connective Tissue Graft

If the gums have receded or are expected to recede after orthodontic treatment, this procedure is useful for reversing, correcting or preventing recession.  Untreated gum recession typically leads to cold sensitivity, tender gums during brushing, worn or abraded root surfaces, and even root decay.  Dr. Tomlin performs this procedure by obtaining a tiny piece of connective tissue from the palate and then attaching it to the targeted area.

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Free Gingival Grafts

A small section of healthy tissue from the roof of the mouth can be used to reinforce gum tissue that is extremely weak in order to prevent further recession.  Children who develop recession near the lower front teeth may be candidates for this procedure. This procedure differs from the connective tissue graft in that the free gingival graft does not typically cover exposed tooth roots – it is used to prevent the exposure of the tooth roots.  We can achieve a reinforced area of firmer, thicker gum tissue which is strong enough to prevent the issue of recession.


If multiple teeth require coverage, if the palatal tissue is too thin, if you do not have enough palatal tissue, or when you would prefer not to have tissue removed from your palate, an allograft (Alloderm Tissue Matrix) provides an excellent alternative. This tissue matrix enables Dr. Tomlin to treat multiple teeth in one sitting, whereas the conventional connective tissue graft procedure would be limited to just a few teeth.

To learn more about how Dr. Tomlin can perform common periodontal procedures on your youngest family members, please contact us today. We’ll arrange a personalized consultation to discuss the benefits of these procedures, the surgical details, and the estimated recovery period. We’ll be happy to answer your questions regarding our children’s dentistry services, and we will communicate with your child’s general dentist to ensure complete transparency.