Regaining Your Confidence With Dental Implants

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Losing one of your teeth is a sudden disruption that no one looks forward to. Whether from physical trauma, severe decay, or gum disease, dental loss’s impact goes beyond the aesthetics of your smile. You may discover your voice changing as you lose the ability to articulate certain sounds. You may remove certain foods from your diet to avoid injuring your tooth’s open socket. Left untreated, your bite can misalign as teeth begin to shift out of position. Fortunately, a dental implant can restore your smile with a prosthetic held securely in your jawbone.

At your Dallas, TX dental practice, we understand the difficulty of adjusting to life after losing a tooth. This is why we offer prosthodontic options to restore your smile and bite. By addressing the impact of tooth loss, we can help prevent additional losses by preventing your alignment from coming out of position.


Cosmetic Treatment For Periodontal Concerns

cosmetic periodontal surgeryWhen you show off too much gum when you smile, or if changes to your bone and periodontal tissues due to tooth loss have occurred, then our team can help. We understand the importance of a beautiful smile, and we want to make sure your smile is not only stronger and healthier following treatment, but more attractive too. With cosmetic periodontal surgery, we can offer a more attractive smile in only one visit. At our periodontal office, in Dallas, TX, we can transform your smile and improve your gum health!


Treating Your Gums With Pocket Depth Reduction

Office Woman Dallas TXHave you started to see a shift in your gumline? If you have noticed a change to your gums, take the time to talk with a trusted periodontist about ways that you can improve your oral health. As plaque and tartar form around the base of your teeth, they can lead to the inflammation and infection of your periodontal tissue. When this progresses, a pocket can form where bacteria can thrive. Even with a thorough brushing, you could be unsuccessful at removing the plaque and tartar from beneath your gumline.

At our periodontal office in Dallas, TX, we can help you to treat your gum disease with a procedure known as pocket depth reduction. This process helps you to regain control of your gumline through the improvement of your periodontal pocket. When these areas are minor, could be able to help fight your condition with a deep cleaning. If your instance of periodontal disease has progressed to a more severe stage, talk to our team about how pocket depth reduction can help you.


Tongue Tied? We Can Help

park cities frenectomyDo you know the name of the muscular attachment that connects your tongue to the floor of the mouth? This tissue is known as the frenum, and for many people it could be a source of speech issues and other serious concerns. To correct these issues and improve your ability to speak easier and fight gum recession, Park Cities Periodontics And Implant Dentistry could offer treatment with a frenectomy, a gentle, laser-assisted procedure that can bring relief.


Will Crown Lengthening Improve My Oral Health?

man confusedAfter identifying a problem with your oral health, your dentist can recommend treatment that includes the placement of a permanent restoration. Restorations like fillings and crowns help when your tooth structure requires protection. For instance, you can require one after a cavity is treated, or after you experienced physical trauma that impacts your tooth. Unfortunately, there are times when that placement is complicated by another oral health matter. One concern is that you simply do not have the space for your restoration. If this is something you face, our Dallas, TX treatment facility can help. A functional crown lengthening safely reveals more of the tooth structure so that you can receive your crown and enjoy lasting protection!


How Laser Tools Address Periodontal Issues

happy patient laser periodontal care conceptManaging periodontal disease effectively protects against general health complications as well as tooth loss. For some patients, the right care will include work that removes unhealthy tissues along with bacteria in order to encourage the growth of disease-free gums. Park Cities Periodontics And Implant Dentistry can provide this service while using advanced laser tools. The PerioLase tool is used for this Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP). In using this approach, we make work on your tissues more conservative. In addition to limiting bleeding and better protecting healthy tissues, this approach provides a shorter and easier experience with recovery after treatment. This service is just one of several approaches we can take to help patients struggling with more advanced gum problems. Remember that the longer you wait to pursue this kind of care, the more likely you are to experience complications.


Gum Care Through Scaling And Root Planing

woman happy with smile care scaling and root planing conceptThe onset of periodontal disease can mark the start of serious oral health concerns. This condition, left untreated, can lead to tooth loss and trouble for your general health. Fortunately, there are still actions that control the threat and prevent complications. Based on our review of your gums, our Dallas, TX periodontal practice can determine if scaling and root planing is the right treatment for you. If so, we can proceed to both remove harmful microbes on your teeth roots and polish the surfaces to keep new bacteria from accumulating. As part of a larger plan to fight this condition, we can reduce your complications risks and keep your infection controlled.