To provide you with a healthy and beautiful smile, it is often necessary for your orthodontist to collaborate with Dr. Tomlin during the course of your orthodontic treatment. Cosmetic periodontal surgery, preparation for dental implants, and other specialized treatments can help to make your orthodontic treatment more successful.  Dr. Tomlin may also be asked to extract certain teeth when additional space is needed to correct crowding or surgically uncover impacted teeth.

Procedures Which Can be Performed Upon Your Orthodontist’s Request:

Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO)

Patients who are interested in speeding up the orthodontic process can benefit from this procedure in which certain areas of the jaw bone can be stimulated to promote tooth movement. Prior to the start of orthodontic treatment, Dr. Tomlin will create small openings in the bone and insert bone graft material along with a special collagen membrane.  With PAOO, your estimated orthodontic treatment time can be cut nearly in half. You can expect to experience a greater range of movement, with fewer extractions, and less of a risk for root resorption.


Temporary anchorage devices can be utilized in combination with orthodontic treatment to aid in moving the teeth. The titanium bone anchor is inserted directly through the gums to the bone, creating the place for your orthodontist to connect your braces in order to generate the proper forces for tooth movement. TADS can decrease your treatment time and eliminate the need for headgear.

Canine Exposure

A canine tooth that is impacted within the bone can be pulled into position with the help of a special orthodontic “button” that Dr. Tomlin places in our office. The impacted tooth can be precisely located with the help of digital imaging software. The gum tissue will be carefully reflected and a small amount of bone may need to be removed in order to uncover the tooth. After the button is in place, your orthodontist can use it to begin redirecting the tooth.

Dr. Tomlin is experienced in performing these and other specialized surgical procedures, and can partner with your orthodontist to ensure that your orthodontic treatment is as successful as possible. To learn more about the periodontist/orthodontist partnership, please contact our office today.